Analysis & predictions

Once-in-a-generation changes are happening in the world. Understanding their full implications is mission critical for planning and decision making purposes whether you are an investor or a manager of a company. 

David Woo Unbound provides independent and rigorous analysis of the most important global macro trends today, with a focus on the interplay between the new political, economic, and technological forces. More importantly, we make bold and actionable predictions about the new global macro environment.  

The flagship product of our offering is Money Game, a weekly video podcast released every Sunday in which David Woo shares his take on macro themes currently in play and discusses his investment strategy. During the course of the week, David takes stock of new developments and updates his views in short written pieces under the titles of "Trends" and "Under the Radar."  


Investment strategies

We believe good macro research should be actionable and good strategists should not be afraid to put their neck on the line. This is why our investment strategies are an integral part of our offering. We also recognize that different investors have different strategy requirements so we have developed 3 different strategy products to best meet the needs of our diverse client base. 

For real money managers, wealth managers, and sophisticated retail investors, we have created three model portfolios: an equity portfolio, a bond portfolio, and a balanced portfolio. These portfolios are designed to mimic the investment style of popular active mutual funds. The only thing we do differently is that we use only ETFs to allocate capital: 

  1. US equity portfolio – We take S&P sector views and seek to outperform S&P 500

  2. US bond portfolio – We take views on duration, curve, credit, EM, and the dollar, and seek to outperform the Bloomberg AGG.

  3. Balanced portfolio – We take views on relative performance of stocks, bonds and cash, and seek to outperform a 60% ACWI - 40% AGG benchmark. 

The source of alpha for these portfolios is our combined 40 years of experience as strategists. We form macro views using facts and logic, and back them up with quantitative and technical tools to understand what the market is pricing, and where position changes are likely to take place. 


A key part of accessibility is transparency. In our Beat the Market video podcast released every Sunday, we discuss how we will position for the follow week (rebalancing of the portfolios takes place at the US open on Monday). Each Friday after the close we publish a consolidated update of our portfolios and trades in our "Honest Board".


Proprietary surveys 

A new re-alignment of geopolitical forces in recent years is now threatening to unleash a new Cold War, with the US and its allies pitted against China and Russia. While external conflicts escalate, many countries are also experiencing increasing internal conflicts that are contributing to political instability. Examples include the US Capitol riots and the Canadian trucker protest. 

The growing political tension at both the inter-national and intra-national levels is already having a profound impact on the world. Monitoring this trend has become an important focus for policymakers, corporates, and investors alike. Yet, this is easier said than done. Data on political trends are spotty at best and non-existent for most countries.


In view of this, David Woo Unbound and RIWI, a leading on-line survey technology firm based in Toronto, have teamed up to create the Compass Series of Indexes that provides hard to reach insights that are gathered anonymously and from those that don't typically answer opinion polls. Leveraging RIWI's proprietary Random Domain Intercept online survey technology, the Compass Series of Indexes are established to find answers to the most important political questions of the day. By asking the right questions in a large number of countries, with the right sampling frequencies, our vision is to produce large data sets that can be analyzed systematically and in a timely manner.

The Compass Series of Indexes currently include:


  • Military Conflict Risk Index

  • A Cold War II Index

  • Political Polarization Index

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